Bella is the Owner/Principal Agent/Personal Manager of The Bella Agency.

“I have an extensive background in the world of performing arts. My experiences span the Arts in, Film, Theatre, Opera, Filmmaking. I adore Actors and their creative process. I attend many Acting workshops to gain insight into the Toronto coaching scene and keep my finger on the current training pulse.”

Bella has a passion for live Theatre, and she can be found at most shows around town! Although her main focus is on Film/TV/Commercial work.

“I have a special appreciation for the grass roots Theatre companies who paint a loft black, throw up a curtain and put on a show for the love of it.
This is real Theatre in the city – live and in person, and I applaud you all for keeping this in the moment magic alive!”

Bella has a strong reputation with casting Directors for her taste in talent. Her willingness to think outside of the box in finding the right actor for the role.

“We have had some fun road trips sourcing talent for casting directors! “

Bella is known for her tenaciousness – paired with her easy communication skills and a wicked highly developed sense of humor.

Lindsay Scrivener

Lindsay Scrivener is a Principal Agent & Personal Manager at The Bella Agency. BIO Under construction

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