In the interest of a paper-free office, we prefer electronic submissions.
Email them to


If you don’t have a recent professional headshot, send a current snap shot of yourself. We ask that you wait until after our meeting to select a Professional photographer for your session.
Please include all performance experience, training and special skills.
Demo Reel
Please Include Link to Demo reel. If you don’t have one, two contrasting scenes (Dramatic and Comedic) will do. Please have a Reader off camera, home camera is fine. Choose scenes you feel you would be cast in. Show us the best of your work!


Please Include your headshot. If you don’t have a professional shot, send a current snap of yourself!
We ask that you wait until after our meeting to select a professional photographer for your session, as we will recommend a few choices of  photographers  of whom we like to work with.
Please include height, weight, eye and hair color. All performance experience and training, as well as any unique skills. Any child over 8 years old will be required to put a monologue or scene (with reader off camera) on tape. A home camera is fine.
Show your other talents! We want to see your personality: magic trick, baton twirling, lion taming, hosting skills! 🙂
Have fun with it!!

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  1. Reva Timbers - August 18, 2014 at 6:56 pm Reply

    On stage and camera performing has been an on-going passion of Reva’s since the age 5. Notable film credits include playing a young Shania in the CBC production of Shania Twain: a life in 8 albums and playing the role of ‘Sundae’ in the award-winning film Summerhood directed by Jacob Medjuck. On stage she has had the pleasure of playing ‘Courtney’ in the world premiere of Playground with Talk is Free Theatre, directed by Jim Betts. Her passion for performing is supported by years of dance (jazz, tap, ballet), voice and guitar training. After a recent hiatus due to education, Reva is ready to enter the entertainment industry with more determination and experience than ever before.

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